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    Where is everyone
    I thought this was a grief group. I lost my boyfriend he was young, he had a car accident and through a CT after he had a concussion they found a colliod cyst. They said needed to come out on October25th he went in for surgery and he spent over 3 weeks in ICU, he died last week on November 19th 2023 and I am losing my mind
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    I'm sorry for your loss. It's very recent so what you feeling is expected. You're in the right place. People will respond at different times. The best thing about this site is that it's people that have been through the same type loss so we understand what you going through. Take deep breaths and get as much fresh air as possible. Reach as much as you want to. I'm praying for your strength.
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    Hello Bbridgegum, I am so sorry for your loss,my heart goes out to you. I can relate to the shock of losing the love of your life so suddenly, unexpectedly and above all, so prematurely. Please don't think you are losing your mind, it's so soon for you, you are still in shock, stuck in denial, not being able to understand what's going on. The pain may feel overwhelming and impossible to tolerate, but you can make it, we've all been through the same heartbreak. Sharing your emotions with others who can relate will help you a lot, I'm so glad I joined this site. I lost my husband suddenly three years ago, he was only 57,fit and healthy, no signs of any illness.
    I hope you stay with us, this is a safe, comforting place where you will receive empathy and understanding. I'm sure others will reply soon, I've just seen your post as I'm in a completely different time zone (Italy).

    Sending you strength.
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    I'm sorry for your sudden loss. Although my partner died after a long illness, it always feels sudden because we're simply not prepared in any way to deal with these overwhelming feelings and issues. For me, I quickly learned that those people closest to us can and will disappoint us with some of the feedback they give to my /our feelings around grief issues. The only thing that helped me save my sanity in the beginning of my grief was to get involved in a grief support group through a local Hospice. Immersing yourself around people that understand is crucial. Lean into the things and people that have brought you comfort in the past. You'll find your way just like we all have. My devastating and life-changing loss occurred this past February and after 9 months I'm only now starting to think a little more clearly. The down side, I'm struggling with the elusive 'now what'?

    Be gentle and kind with yourself, as well as those well meaning family and friends that simply don't know what to say.

    Bless you.

    ~ Michael
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  5. AmyG

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    I can relate. Different situation, but sudden. My husband died on 11/21/23 suddenly with a brief illness leading to sepsis and organ failure. He was 43. I am 39. We were in the process of fertility treatments, we had a stillbirth 12/7/20. My stepson lives with me, sees bio mom on weekends and vacations. I'm in disbelief. Grieving many losses at once.
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    Im so sorry for your loss. I pray for your strength.
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  7. MICHAEL2023

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    Dearest Amy, my deepest condolences at the sudden death of your husband. I'm sure you and your step son are in shock and disbelief. I'm glad he has you to be his central beacon. It's good that your sharing your story, keep coming back here, you'll find lots of support.

    Wishing you peace and healing. Trust your process.

    ~ Michael
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  8. Stepnattv

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    I lost my wife 11/24- 26 days after cancer diagnosis. First round of chemo made her organs shut down and sepsis killed her. We talked to several people with the same liver cancer she had and thought we would have months, maybe years together. It ended up being 36 hours. I’m to make myself go back to work but I truly don’t give a shit if I ever go back.
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    hi bbridegum i am sorry that happened. its been one year and 14 days for . my friend, wife ,lover, companion passed on jan 15 2023. its been a rough time. friends are gone its just me. if u need to chat maybe we can exchange email address.
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    i am sorry amy.