Am I still a mother?

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Brihau, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Brihau

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    When I lost my husband, I became a widow. Now, I’ve lost my only child, my precious daughter. If I talk about being a mother with a new acquaintance, they just give me a pitying look. I still consider myself a mother, I have the same emotional ties and feelings. Has anyone else had the experience that someone has made you question your identity as a mother?
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  2. Kathleen 56

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    You are a mother. Sometimes people don’t know how to respond. Keep talking about her. I talk about mine no matter how they feel. Yes I get strange looks but continue talking. You will always have the love and tie to your daughter. Keep it going. Peace to you.
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  3. Brihau

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  4. Brihau

    Brihau Active Member

    Thank you for the kindness. I looked at your tribute page, your daughter was truly beautiful. I hope you can find some moments of peace in this life.
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  5. SAE

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    Yes, you are a mother. Nothing can change that. I lost my only son when he was 37, in July2020. I am still a mother. I still have good memories and bad memories, just no new memories. I grieve and I am angry at most things. It is hard. You are a mother, never doubt it.
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  6. Brihau

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    Thank you, I know your loss. My thoughts are with you and all of the other moms trying to live through this.
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  7. mskelli

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    i lost my daughter who had just turned 33,i have other children and when i get asked i always include her and say im mom to 3 and an angel mom to 1. i feel so uncomfortable saying that tho,because i dont want pity but i also feel its disrespectful to not include her because i am still her mother and she is still my child
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  8. Brihau

    Brihau Active Member

    they are forever our babies
  9. Chris M 2000

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    You will always be her mother. I still include my son in my prayers. At first I always included our son when asked. But as time went on, I was more comfortable just naming the one son who is still here. If I talk with someone and feel the need to include Shawn, I do-but usually this is only when I feel it will be helpful.
    God's strength to you.
  10. Chris M 2000

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    You must always do whatever feels right for you, not them. You are the one who needs healing, not them. And remember anyone who has not lost a child will never be able to understand the anguish it is. They may think they do, if they have lost someone they love, but I believe the loss of a child is the hardest grief. It takes a lot of hard work to get through it. Try to be glad that they haven't had to go through the awful pain you are going through. I love you.
  11. mybeautyki

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    how do I answer that? lost my son on September ? my therapist told me too ask??. am I still a mother??
  12. Brihau

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    I am very sorry for your loss. You will get through this. It isn’t a wound that heals, it’s something we carry with us, like the love for our children. We are mothers, we held them, fed them, comforted them, sometimes we argued with them, sometimes we laughed with them. Our connection to our children is as strong now as it ever was. We need to keep the memories alive, we need to say their names. We need to be strong enough to carry the grief along with the love.
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  13. Brihau

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    I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the heart , maybe I’m a zombie.
  14. You are always a mother my dear. HUGS
  15. Lostmom202022

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    I've wondered this also