A Strange Feeling Of Relief

Discussion in 'Dating Again After the Loss of a Spouse/Partner' started by BigRIJoe, Mar 19, 2023.

  1. BigRIJoe

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    I lost my wife of 42 years after an 18 month battle with AML leukemia. I can't grieve but life seems unreal right now after 6 weeks. Is this normal Two weeks after she died I found out my own cancer had returned but at an extremely curable stage.
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  2. Daisy171

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    There is no normal, no right way to feel. You are probably still in shock and of course nothing seems real. Grief will come when the time is right, but for now the shock may even protect you a little. I am so sorry for your terrible loss. I wish there were words I could say to make it better, but there is nothing that will help. They say time helps, but it's too soon for me to know that.
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    I lost my wife from the same disease and it was also 18 months to the day. September 27th 2023. I'm 71 and fairly healthy but miss her every day and I'm finding it hard to move forward.
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    I believe we were created in such a way that the reality of the loss comes gradually. Otherwise, we could not bear up under it if it hit us all at once. As it is, our heart feels like it is torn apart and broken irrevocably. As Sapphire Steel77 said, there are no right, wrong, or normal ways to feel after losing someone we love so dearly. Everyone experiences the grief walk in their own way, but we have a great bond in common. We all know the depth of the pain that occurs when we lose someone we love. So you are in a community that understands.
    Keep in touch here with others that care about you.
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