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    On April 6, 2015, my 28 year old son passed away due to acute narcotic intoxication. Fast forward to now & I'm still stuck....grief is just as intense now as it was on that awful day!

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  2. Some say time is a healer. Others that it’s not time, but what you do with it.

    Many people recover from their grief, even loss of a child. After 6 years if you are still stuck in your grief journey, perhaps you believe that you will never get through it. I believe that you can recover. Perhaps you have not found the key to unlocking your own grief journey yet. Please keep trying.

    Happy to talk if you like.

    best wishes.
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    I agree with maninthematrix. You will get through it if you hang on to the love of God. It took me much longer than most to be able to even begin to function again,-like you I was stuck for a long time-but I just kept believing if I ever got through this nightmare it would have to be God that helped me--and he did. Don't give up hope.
    We are here for you.
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    I see from the picture that Josh graduated from some school. Tell me about him.
    Your son was the same age our was when we lost him. He graduated from college with a degree in History-and then the bottom fell out for him, from which he never recovered. How much we love them!! (such an understatement)
    Hugs and love to you,
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    Grief is different for everyone, especially depending on how much of an attachment we have to that person. And when they have a problem, like yours and mine did, there is a very strong bond because while they were still here our life was centered on them. Give yourself some kindness, understanding, and more time. It took me an awfully long time, longer than you, before I could even begin to function again. I don't think it is time that heals, but God's great love for us, even when we don't realize it.
    Things can get better than they are now. Don't give up hope.