*HOLIDAY GRIEF GROUPS* 2 Sessions a Week - Mondays at 7 pm EST & Tuesdays at 1 pm EST


The journey of grief provides an opportunity for great personal growth, reflection and resilience that only the greatest challenges in our lives can design. This journey is not a simple one and the resilience isn’t easily found. It comes with time, it comes with patience, and more than anything, it comes with support. Support from people who understand.

My name is Karyn Arnold and I am the founder of Grief in Common. I have been working in the field of grief and loss for over 15 years, facilitating bereavement groups, providing support one on one, and educating the community about the grief process.

I love this work. I love the resilience of human spirit I see in this work. I have always felt honored and grateful to provide a place for a person to grieve. Because that’s where we often fall short: providing a place for grief. Where is grief allowed to happen? At work? At home? Is there always a place even amongst our closest family and dearest friends to feel validated and understood?

Grief in Common is that place. By creating a profile that outlines who you are, who you’ve lost and the circumstances surrounding that loss, our hope is that you will find a connection with someone who understands.

So log in, create a profile, and search for those with whom you will find you have much more than just your grief in common.

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