When pain is more than just pain

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    We all know pain, but few of us know the pain of the devastating loss of a loved one. The word “pain” doesn’t even come close. You morn the loss of your love, your friend, touch, laughter, hope and future plans. All that comes to a stop, and it forces you to address a new reality. One that is singular.

    Yes, you’ll cope and each day can be better. What choice do you have but to move forward? But those days will be different than what you hoped, and possibly emptier than what you expected.

    If you think about it from the perspective of your loved one – the one that passed on – the dynamic is completely different. Sure, they would want you to miss them, but would they want you to be crippled by grief, doubt, and depression? Hell no. They’d want you to be happy, content, accepting, fulfilled and healthy. So, I have to think from my dear wife’s perspective. She’d say “Get off your ass, eat right, exercise, drink less, get involved, and never forget me.” I’m working on that. It’s isn’t easy but it is a good start.
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    I agree! Thanks for saying that.
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    I agree as well ~ it’s easier said than done.
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    Totally agree.. Thank you.. Thats just what my wife windy always said to me..
    Stop dwelling on things you can't change.. And work on what you can..
    Ahe uaed to get so mad at me ..
    Its not easy .. And won't be for a
    Sometime.. I love windy so much ..
    She gave me so much..
    Peace to you all..