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    I'm 25 and I lost my husband unexpectedly barely a month ago. We were together 2 years and he was my soulmate. He loved and treated my daughter as his own. We planned on continuing our family and growing it and were in the process of trying. He was out of town for work due to covid and me and my daughter spent the entire month of May almost with him. He drove back with us memorial day weekend and we dropped him off at the airport Tuesday morning. He passed in his sleep that night. I talked to him right before he went to bed on video chat and to this day doesnt seem real. He was not only our financial support but our love and emotional support. We saw each other every single day for 2 years and if he was away at all we spoke on the phone and video chatted. How can the life we built together and someone you have on a daily basis just disappear. Its not fair and I feel like i can't breath but I have to for my daughter. I just CANT BREATH!
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad yall got a chance to spent that time together before he went back to work. You feel like you cant breathe because part of you is gone. Having your daughter is what will help you continue move cause you got to take care of her. I lost my fiancee a few months ago and nights is the hardest for me to get through. We became single parents in the worse way. We were the only ones that did for our so my support is gone. I often feel I'm mourning for myself and the kids cause they asked for him everyday. I pray that you have strength to get through this.
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