This week has been so empty and sad

Discussion in 'Loss of a Parent' started by PM0722, Jul 31, 2020.

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    The emptiness and numbness of the first week without my mom is heavy. I am having to find ways and means to keep busy and move past the way I feel about friends not calling and me just having to reach out period to find some comfort. Today I felt the real sting of her being gone. I am so happy there is no suffering she has to go through, but I am shocked, lonely, missing us and wanting so badly to go through this and not fall more and more apart. I just miss my mom
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    I'm sorry for your loss. You're gone have good and bad days. I no what you mean bout having to be the one to reach out. People that haven't been through it really dont no what to say though. There is an unexplainable emptiness and loneliness. Sending good vibes your way that you get stronger with each passing day.
  3. I'm sorry you had such a hard week. The beginning is the worst because you just don't know that to do but it does get easier. I found that talking to my dad helped me. I look like a crazy person if anyone was to see me lol but its like I .know how he would answer me in different situations and idk it just would bring me comfort