These songs were grabbed for all of us

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    I CARE, YOU CARE AND YOU ARE LOVED, JUST BELIEVE - I have made this post for us, all of us who are suffering the significant loss of our loved one(s).

    Linkin Park - One More Light (Lyrics / Lyric Video)
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    Some Bells cannot be unrung. Some steps can not be untaken. Because Life is so worth it, ending it is never the answer. This next video even though it is the same song it deals with the actual loss of one of their children.

    One More Light (Linkin Park), Cover by One Voice Children's Choir
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    In honor of Suicide Prevention and Awareness month, the One Voice Children's Choir is releasing our version of Chester Bennington's "One More Light". At one of our recent events, our conductor Masa learned about the tragic passing of one of his first and dearly loved choir kids - Megan. This video is meant to inspire anyone within the sound of our voices or reach of our YouTube Channel that Life Is Worth Living! Choose to live. Choose to Stay.

    Stars Go Dim - You Are Loved - with lyrics (2015)
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    This video is about Stars Go Dim - You Are Loved - (with lyrics) (2015). Made by Gary McDuffee. I don't own any rights, for entertainment and worship purposes only.

    Faith Hill - There you'll be (lyrics)
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    My first lyrics to song.. Hope you like it :)

    Jo Dee Messina - If Heaven Was Needing A Hero
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    For those of you who find it so hard to express yourselves with words, sometimes just a song or two can say it so much better. If you desire, please post any song that has meaning.
    From time to time words are not necessary to express ourselves. However, as I find a song with the lyrics in it, to me it has so much more impact.

    Aubrey - BREAD - Lyrics

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    One Is The Loneliest Number - Three Dog Night (Lyrics)
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    Listen To The Music + HD / The Doobie Brothers / Lyrics
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    Though this song is old, the value of it will be relavant well into the future. The lyrics are done in both English and Spanish.

    Lonesome Town - Ricky Nelson (Subtitulada en ingles y español)
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    Lyrics are done in both English and Spanish. This song is about your life and how you live it forward - your way.

    Bon Jovi - It's my life(Sub Español + Lyrics)
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