Son died

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by Lorine, May 4, 2020.

  1. Lorine

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    My son died
  2. David Hughes

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    So sorry for the loss of your son. A parent never wishes to bury their child. When you bring them into the world, raise them, guide them and care for them it also provides you with many memories to look back upon.

    If you feel like sharing more information we will be here to respond. For now please take care during this depressing time.


    This is a song of what a son means to a parent

  3. BellaMaria

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    I am sorry about your son. I lost my son 4/24/2020. It happen so fast, by the time we got to the hospital he was gone, I never got the chance to say goodbye.

  4. ainie

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    So sorry for your loss. The pain is unbearable at first and will slowly get easier to bear. Keep coming to read and talk. It helps.
  5. Heartbroken mom2020

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    I have also resently lost my baby my son was 3 months old I put him to bed than checked on him later in the night and he was already passed I never got to say goodbye it hurts a lot I kinda know what you are going threw he passed may 30th of 2020 so it's still all new