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  1. Realizing I’ll be without a partner for the rest of my life is setting’s just so hard to imagine life alone! Being retired and confined, because of covid, just leaves a lot of long lonely hours! How does everyone cope with these feelings? I find myself obsessing over things it’s exausting!
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    I can certainly understand what you are feeling. I am not married nor have children - but my older sister (who was my best friend) passed away about 1 yr ago. We were extremely close and lived together - she was the last of my family and now I am alone and just recently retired. It is very hard dealing with the long, lonely hours and the virus at the same time. I try to keep myself busy as best I can - I keep in touch with my friends who live in another state via phone or through social media. I was planning on moving to another state where I have friends but because of the virus it is impossible to do so now. I spend a lot of time online looking at realty sites for condos in the area where I want to move. I also enjoy sewing and spend a lot of time cleaning my condo and organizing for when the time comes I will be able to move away. I also try to read but find it very hard to concentrate. I sit on my balcony just to get some air and take very short walks around my building. There are also many lonely hours where I just sit and watch television because I do not want to go outside much because of the virus spreading in my community. Yes, it is very hard to imagine life alone - I don't think anyone is ever prepared for it. I wish you the best.

  3. I’m so sorry about the loss of your sister no matter what the relationship the loss of a loved one is difficult. I find it scary, lonely and sometime unbearable and you are right we are never prepared for it. I’m also wanting to move to another state, South Carolina, and I spend a lot of time online searching condos. It helps pass time. I also read a lot I’m always looking for a good book, the last good one was Where the Crawdads Sing, easy reading and held my interest. Take care
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    Feeling like you'll be alone for ever is probably common and very hard to deal with. Remember tho that you never know what is ahead of you in this life. You could meet someone just walking down the street. I did and she's a wonderful, loving, kind woman. Remember also that the power of prayer is a real and true thing. I wish you peace, love, and happiness in your life. Count your blessings and I hope you have a good day tomorrow.

  5. Thank you for your kind reply, God bless.