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  1. brenda d

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    i know that a lot of couples have silly,but names that they call each other. when kenny and i first was together he was working for an apartment complex as a maintenance man. this was what he did until he retired. kids used to call him mr maintenance man. after a while i called him that to. the rest of the time i call him sweetie.
    the name started to evolved into mr sweetie. after we was married i was being silly and called kenny mr feetie like a 5 yr old might say sweetie. it stuck and all the way even the day of kenny had his heart attack we called each other mr and mrs feetie.

    i sure miss that every morning when i got up i would say good morning mr feetie and he would reply back with good morning mrs feetie. every card we gave each other was always signed with mr or mrs feetie. i know it might have been silly but it was ours and now its gone all i have is the cards. i just wanted to share this.
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    A name that has stuck with me all my life is Beerive for my original bright red hair. Nadine my wife as my sisters college roommate, the name she was given was Deanie and stuck with her for almost 45 years.
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    i know the name feetie was silly.but after some time it was said with love of each other.