On Sept 7th 2018, I lost my Soulmate.

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    Yes, I thought the same thing, Why..would God let this happen to me...I can't really answer that question but this is what I understand when I read my bible. He doesn't cause this, it's part of life..He pulls us through the storm. He doesn't cause it...I know myself that without that faith and asking for strength to get through this, I couldn't make it I'm still praying and thankful for God put him in my life.
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    My boyfriend will be gone a year next month. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, "grow up; get over it." But the fact that it's taking a long time to process is testament to the love we shared. I agree with Countrygirl63 and am thankful God put him in my life. That said, I think it's totally ok to question God when we feel punished by pain.
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    Do we really have soulmates? would God take them away from us if that was the case. I lost my Fiance June 21st 2019 . I always said he was my soulmate and he called me his . We had a special kind of love , one I can't describe . I find it to be so cruel that God would take that one person away from us .... to leave us alone in the world with no one until our life on earth is over.
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    Very sorry for your loss Countrygirl63. I lost my best friend and soulmate on Oct. 28th, 2018. So, so hard! At the moment I seem to be stuck in deep grief from which I'm having difficulty extricating myself. I hope you're doing a bit better. Good luck from a fellow traveler on a journey neither one of us would have willingly chosen for ourselves.
    Best, Danny.