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Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Jane Khaled, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Jane Khaled

    Jane Khaled New Member

    Lost my only son to a motorbike accident. It's been 7 years this month and I still feel such pain everyday
  2. CBecks

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    I lost my son Feb 17th 2019 to a snowmobile accident and the pain is just raw . People say I know how you feel I lost my Mom sorry it is not the same . I lost my Mom who I loved and took care of BUT this is so much more like a piece of me is gone too. The sadness is overwhelming.
  3. Vickie

    Vickie Member

    I am so sorry for the Loss of your Son. You are right about the Pain of losing a Child as to the Loss of Our parents. It's not the natural order of Life. We expect that we will One day have to bury our parents but Not our Children. I lost my daughter in 2009. I can tell you that it will become less overwhelming but it takes time. Be happy to talk if you like. Prayers.