My world ended when my fiance died in car accident

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    I lost my dad who was always my rock in July. In July I also lost my aunt who was like my mom to me. In October I lost a friend In December I lost whole world. He was my everything. The day after a friend and a month later another friend. Last week I had a really good friends daughter die in accident as well. I have been so overwhelmed with grief and depression I am not sure where to go.
  2. Laine B,

    The sheer amount of loss in your life this last year is horrific. I am amazed that you have had the courage to get online and seek out some support! I think this forum has already helped me personally just knowing that I am not as alone in my grief as i feel and that my thoughts, like yours of not wanting to go on living without my husband are normal with this kind of sudden tragic loss. On April 6, 2019 I lost the love of my life to a motorcycle accident. We had a fairy tale romance and life that has ended in a nonstop nightmare since his death. I think we just go one day at a time for now. I barely sleep now so feel free to message me anytime. It helps me to be able to talk about my real feelings here without worrying about making everyone else think I'm their definition of "ok".