My partner got hit by a truck

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    I was dating someone for a few months and it was intense. We clicked immediately and were seeing each other 2-3 times a week. We were supposed to see each other one night last October but he didn’t respond to my texts, which I thought was odd. The next day still no word and every part of my body knew something was wrong. I started searching the news and found an article about a man on a bike being hit by a truck around 5:30am and he was taken to a local hospital with severe injuries. I knew it had to be him. I called the hospital and they said he was there. When I went the next day, they said he’d been discharged. I took that to mean he was home and healing and the reason I hadn’t heard from him was because his phone must have been damaged in the accident.

    A whole month went by before I discovered the truth. I hadn’t met his friends or family yet so I had no one else to contact. Turns out, he died the day of the accident.
    I am so devastated and heartbroken. It’s been nearly 7 months but the pain still takes my breath away. I don’t know how people deal with this kind of sudden loss. It’s so excruciatingly painful. I miss him every day. I got a tattoo in his honor because he had tattoos and we both love Harry Potter. So every day I look down at my arm and feel the sting of his absence because a tattoo isn’t enough. He should be here...