My Mother Fixed It

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by AgustD, Jul 19, 2020.

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    My sister cut my hair too short.
    What was supposed to be 4in became 6.
    But my mother fixed it.

    My dress tore open from the back.
    The wedding was tomorrow.
    But my mother fixed it.

    I failed a course, I didn’t get the job.
    Again and again one more time.
    My self esteem was at a low.
    But my mother fixed it.

    I woke up crying from a terrible dream.
    Shouting out loud for help.
    My mind was lost.
    But my mother fixed it.

    I received a call.
    My mother passed.
    So sudden.
    My heart was broken.
    My world was shattered.
    No one can fix it.

    Nothing is the same.
    Nothing will ever be the same.
    I am not the same.
    I am broken.
    I want to heal.
    I want to be fixed.
    The only person to lift me is gone.
    It hurts so much.
    I need my mom to fix it.
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    My heart is aching thinking my mom too while I'm reading your post. My mom is my everything. My bestfriend. The only person I can depend on. Then suddenly she's gone. How can I go on with my life without her. I really don't know who I am anymore. The jolly person that I was before has gone too. I became distant with my friends because they knew me as a jolly person but I am not the same anymore and my life will never be the same. I miss my mom so much.

    AgustD, I may not have a comforting words for you but know that you are not alone. I hear you and I understand.