my husband kenny died 2 months ago

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  1. brenda d

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    hi i dont really know how to start this but here it is. i am 66 years old and kenny was 67. i have known him since 1973. we got married feb. 3 1989. he stood by me through kidney failure and transplant. we were saved together and shared everything. he took care of my every need he was my whole world. on july 18 he was installing a hot water heater. he came inside to turn the well pump back on. let out a big blow and fell to the floor. i can still hear my screams as i said please dont leave me. i called 911 as i was talking to the 911 op. i knew he was not going to make it.

    the doctor told me he only had 10% of his heart working, he never came to. i knew he didnt want to be kept alive but i just couldnt let him go. but on the 21 i did say goodbye to the only man i ever truly loved and loved me.

    i dont know what to do now i have very little family and they dont live near. i feel like life just stopped. i cry every day,i hold his pillow i am so sad. i pray this pain will ease at some point.
  2. brenda d

    brenda d Active Member

    is there anyone in alabama that has lost a spouce?
  3. David Hughes

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    So very sorry for your loss Brenda. I am from Maine. One of the good things is being able to talk - it doesn't matter to who. Share your loss with them. Even better let them know the things you loved about Kenny.

    Hearing from others and sharing together helps. You get to see and hear you are not alone. We are all here for you. Just take each day slowly. For me, being able to share how I feel made my pain seem better, because I was admitting to myself I needed help. Too often people don't reach out and all it really takes is that first step.

    God Bless you.
  4. brenda d

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    thank you so much david i does help to know others share the pain. kenny could play keyboard so well i really loved to listen to him play. he was funny and kind to everyone he met. he had a squirrel that he trained to come eat bread from his hand. i never knew anyone that didnt like him,he just had a way with people.

    i do hope to come to know the people here and share in their stories. david i am here anytime.
  5. JohnFS

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    Hello Brenda d, I’m am so very sorry for your heartbreaking loss. The suddenness of his passing must very difficult for you. Please understand that you have come to a good place to share your feelings and to just vent if you need to. This place has good people that truly understand what you are going through and we are here to help in the comfort of knowing you are not alone in this sad time in your life and to just listen if needed. God bless
  6. David Hughes

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    Brenda, what was your favorite song Kenny used to play on the keyboard? When my wife Nadine were still young and spry we loved to listen to Karen Carpenter and actually had a chance to see her in concert. What is so sad is she was heartbroken for lost love and eventually withered away to nothing and passed on. Her voice was as if an angel sang to you.

    Kenny probably had that wonderful affect when he played, where when two people are in love, the music means more, it touches you deep inside more and you share that wonderful time together. Did Kenny ever join a band?

    As for the squirrel, that is amazing. All my life I have been around dogs and cats and had tremendous fun with them all. Animals are amazing creatures. If only Dr. Doolittle were around so we could understand what they say.
  7. David Hughes

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    I wanted to share this video with you.

    Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun 1970
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    Pedro Andrade
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  8. brenda d

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    thank you so much. yes it is the hardest thing i have ever gone through. every day is a another day filled with pain and sadness. but at least people understand.
  9. brenda d

    brenda d Active Member

    oh thank you for the song it is a lovely song she was a great singer. kenny played a lot of al green and percy sledge. loved to hear him play. he was in a few bands back in the day. (and the squirrel his name was rocky of course.)

    back to kenny he could play a lot of different stuff,he played by ear never read a note. he had a sort of bogie kind of style. he finally got the keyboard of his dreams and spent many hours playing. he also played country and christian music.
    the thing was he loved music and played what ever he was feeling at the time.
    anyway i loved him so very much and miss him more than words can even say.
    thank you for wanting to know more about kenny. is there anything about your wife you would like to share?
  10. brenda d

    brenda d Active Member

    yes it means a lot to me that people are reaching out to me here. thank you for caring.
  11. David Hughes

    David Hughes Well-Known Member

    Brenda, This is where I started on the forum talking of my wife, Like you and Kenny, she was my was what my world revolved around.

    Kenny had a gift for music then, as those who play by ear are gifted ones. So when you listen to them you realize how in touch they are with what they are playing, because they are connected to it.

    Nadine loved to read, it was her hobby. She was in a couple of book clubs. Sewing was another of her fortes, and quilting. She was a farmgirl at hand and if you go to the above bookmark and look at her obit, there is a link to a professional video of her life made by her older sister.
  12. brenda d

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    hank you i will look the vid. and i am glad you are shearing with us. i think i am going to like this place here with other people who have a lose.
  13. brenda d

    brenda d Active Member

    david your wife was very pretty,i know you were happy together. i think there is one love in a lifetime that is that great.
  14. David Hughes

    David Hughes Well-Known Member

    Brenda, I hope these songs bring back some good memories for you.

    Al Green - Let's Stay Together
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    "Let's Stay Together" performed by Al Green

    When a Man Loves a Woman (Remastered)
    When a Man Loves a Woman (Remastered)
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    When a Man Loves a Woman (Remastered) · Percy Sledge
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    wow thank you when a man loves a woman is the best,he could play it so well .