My dad is gone and he was a monster

Discussion in 'Suicide Loss' started by Ashley Young, Aug 14, 2019.

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    Two months ago my father killed his girlfriend before killing himself. My siblings were there, and he would have killed them too had he not called his mother before hand. She was able to talk him down from harming them at least. Now that it's all said and done it turns out he molested all three of her kids while they loved together. I'm so sick but so sad, how am I supposed to feel anything anymore?
  2. Ashley Young

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    Lived* not loved.
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    Ashley, I am so very sorry for this horrific tragedy you have had to experience. When something like this happens you're not just losing a person, you're losing your reality and everything that you thought you knew to be true. It's a lot of information to have to deal with all at one time, and getting support and help may be the only place to start. I'm so glad you are reaching out and I truly hope you can find some comfort here - we are here to help~
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