My brother committed suicide

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    it’s been a year on the 21st of August that my brother who was my best friend decided he cldnt handle the emotional pain of our dad’s death nearly 9yrs ago. My brother finally decided to end his life on the 21st around 6am 1yr ago. We had talked just the night before and then he texted me that morning telling me he loved me and then called me but I missed the call. He had called the police himself and then shot himself with a 22 right in the middle of his chest at a peaceful spot in his mind. I have never forgotten that week our last words to each other and the last time I saw him. I miss him dearly and my other brother n I are struggling to stay alive ourselves. I just think if I wld of heard my phone maybe he wld still be here . I blame myself because we went through a lot together and I was always there for him talking him down from suicide or er visits due to suicidal intentions I had taken care of him for so long. He was 26 yrs old when he died
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    Suicide loss is so tough because survivors always blame themselves. It sounds, though, like your brother was determined to carry it out by using a gun. My l a te husband had a suicide attempt the week before he was successful though he had been in emotional turmoil for years.

    Good luck.