More of my dainty dearness.

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    I will not forget the many
    evenings we watched t.v.
    and Sofia looking up over the
    tops of her silver half- glasses
    to see what was going on then
    back to drawing. The beaded
    chain that hung from them at
    times, the way the light of the
    room softly glimmered in her glasses
    and I always made sure
    her Half's were spotless

    The time we took a nice walk in sawgrass park or to see the
    Chrisymas lights at the
    botanical garden then took
    her and Janice who was with
    us to the village in for a cup
    of coffee and a slice of pie.

    Her sweet way of putting wreaths
    on doors for the season. Sofia was
    a dainty dear that I am so glad to
    have known. I so miss you my
    Dear Sofia.

    I have Sofia's beaded chain
    for her half glasses passing
    through her wedding ring
    and keep them with me
    quite often.

    I so hope that as I talk to my
    wife, she can hear me.