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Discussion in 'Loss of Child' started by Laurie S., Nov 26, 2019.

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    Today marks 11 years since I lost my 12-year-old son to brain cancer (but it feels like yesterday). My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly on January 18, 2019 and my mom lost her battle with a long-term illness on Saturday. Nov. 23, 2019. How much loss can one person take?
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    Oh my goodness.......I'm so so very sorry. I learned that sorry is about the only thing someone can say to "US". PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - don't try to make it better by going off on a tangent about how this, how that - you should feel this or that. I went to a Hospice grief support group where JOB was the topic. How Job was tested by having everything from him. I didn't return to that group b/c I'm an agnostic. How does one take comfort from that story? An almighty who requires constant adoration from his servants, who praise him for taking his family, livelihood, friends, etc??? Oh I digress! Please don't bash me b/c I'm an agnostic. It's just me - getting by one day at a time. Today is 1 year from P's death.
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    I am so sorry for your losses I too have multiple loss much blessings to you.