Maybe she let me know she was OK

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    I am hoping someone has a possible shared experience. Since May, 2019 life seems not worth living.
    Lost my pretty baby in May. Since then, I am lost. My soul-mate, my forever mate is gone.
    About 3 weeks ago, I called out from work on a Monday. Just laid in our bed talking to her.
    After a short while, the computer just turned on. All by itself.
    Whenever I leave the computer, I set it to sleep mode and this was no exception. You have to hit the mouse button to turn it on. But it just came on.
    Another thing was 2 weeks ago, I was in the car waiting to go with my arm slightly out the window. A small silver-grey feather drifted down onto my hand.
    So, am I turning grief-crazy or has anyone else had anything like this happen to them?
    Maybe I am just going crazy.
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    I am sorry for your loss. I believe the people we lost will try to come back to us when we are struggling. If you believe it was her, then it was her. Some things can never be explained and some times we shouldn't even try to explain them, just be comforted in the thoughts of them.
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    Yes, absolutely. I never believed in any of this, thought it was irrational, emotional, and childish until my wife passed last year. My life and thinking is completely different than before. Some of the bereavement books I read referred to synchronicity and a few people in the bereavement group I go to got me started on a a genre of book. As one of the authors wrote to the effect "these experiences can't be proved but the quantity are too great to ignore." I'm sorry for your loss, while I still cry every day I no longer cry all day.
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    I do believe that they can send us certain messages if we are open to it. This is a story of of one of my experiences that I wrote about on here after Mother’s Day. “I have a story to tell you that happen to me on mother’s day. My wife passed from cancer on 4-15-19, she had a new favorite song out by Leon bridges called river, well anyway she asked me to play that song for her when she passed in the hospital which I did. Now skip forward to her memorial, river was the last song played. Now skip forward to Mother’s Day, I take some roses out to my wife’s grave, as I’m driving I’m listening to some songs playing by shuffle on my phone through my car, I have over 100 songs on my phone but as soon as I get across the threshold of the cemetery the song River starts playing . It’s a nice day so I roll down my windows and turn it up some but not enough to annoy the other visitors, I drive slow to the back of the cemetery where she is located and after wiping my tears away the song ends. I kid you not! It felt like she was saying hi”.
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    Not at all ..
    My wife windy had a thing for butterflies.. And the day of her funeral my grandbabys was outside the funeral home playing abd as i watched two butterflies landed on. These babies hand as she lay on the grass..
    I just lost it and spoke out to her..
    So no you are not crazy..
    Our loves ones will give us tiny signs that they are ok abd watching over us..
    So very sorry for your loss.. Peace to you and your family