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    When I first saw my husband there was something about him and he intrigued me. I was a young teenage girl and our love story was one of a kind. He passed away from cancer after fighting so hard for 2 years. He passed away in March but I feel like I have been grieving since day one of his diagnosis. I am a mom and have kept strong and am learning how to be mom and dad now but all of the sudden the loneliness is so real and I feel hopeless and know I will never be ready or find someone who loves and protected me and made me feel like most beautiful special woman in the world as he did. Not seeking that and far from ready but I am a younger widow and I feel like I am 80 and will never find happiness in anything besides my children and they will grow up and I will be alone depressed and unable to deal with life.
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    First I am truly sorry for your loss,one thing for sure when we say that you know it's the truth.I also lost my spouse to cancer after a 2 1/2 year battle she was 59 we were married for 36 years and it will be 5 months on July 2nd since my heart was broken.It is truly the hardest battle of your life the emotional toll on your body and mind I feel like I am not living but just surviving ,every day one foot in front of the other ,we are not going crazy we just lost the love of our lives,I think you never get over it you just learn to live with it,and you know what it sucks.What I say to every one be strong and very courageous , let your emotions come out ,you honor your spouse when you do ,grieving is hard be good to yourself we will get through this,God bless you.
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    I hate cancer it is just not fair Thank you for responding and understanding.