Lost dad one week ago

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  1. I lost my dad a week ago today and I still feel just as lost and alone as I did that morning when my sister called me and told me . My dad had diabetes and had been sick but we had no idea how bad he was. We all tried many times to get him to go to the doctor I even used my boys to try and give him a reason to go but nothing. That morning my sister called and said dad was being rushed to er and I thought ok finally he will get some help and I told her to keep me updated . I thought maybe the next call I got was that he was being transferred to a better hospital which is very common in the area so I answered the phone planning on making the long drive that day to be with them all. I was wrong my sister said she had bad news that dad had passed and they couldn't save him he had apparently had a heart attack . I hung up and just crumbled my husband was there beside me trying to hold me but I lost it. .The next few days I was a zombies planning the funeral of the man who was everything to me and I'm still heartbroken and don't know how or when I'll being to be ok
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    Hi there, I am so so sorry for your loss. I lost my father suddenly to a heart attack about 2 and a half months ago and it has been so hard. I loved him dearly, I know I was lucky to have had him as a Dad, but he was young and not sick so he is gone waaaaay to soon and the shock has been just terrible. I can't imagine the shock you must have felt getting that phone call, but I can relate as I got a call that my dad collapsed, then 30 minutes later after I rushed to the hospital he was already gone. It's horrible. I miss him every day and sometimes the pain is really overwhelming. But I try to keep believing that some day things will start to get better. That we can find some sort of new way of living. It's early and so raw try to be gentle with yourself and remember that everyone grieves in their own way, however you are feeling there's no right or wrong. I wish you some moments of comfort in your most difficult time.
  3. Thank you for your kind words
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    I feel your pain. It was really hard to type this but I lost my dad to ALS a few months ago back in August and yeah its still fresh. Its hard to tell if its gotten better or not, i think about the day when i woke up to my mom crying that morning. Sometimes ill try to keep myself busy and take an extra class when i dont need it because im in college just to stay out of the house i guess, but somtimes i overwhelm myself. Its hard to take care of myself through all this let alone my other family members. Earlier on i felt the yearning to connect with anyone and everyone, but lately that hasnt been the case and I cant help but feel like im on my own island and everyone else is in their own world. Do you ever feel like that? anyway, I hope the best for you