Loss of Father April 5th

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    Though my dad was diagnosed with cancer, it was a sudden loss. He was diagnosed and died 30 days later. I am really anxious and panicky due to the overwhelming emotion. I am glad I immediately went to his home and got to be there most of the 30 days, but it still seems unreal. I am working with a therapist, but it’s really scary how overwhelmed I feel at times, sometimes it’s so sudden. I have an anxiety disorder already. I am trying to breathe through it and meditate, to just allow it but it really is frightening at times. Thankful I found this site.
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    I'm glad you've found us too. I'm so sorry for your loss. If you only had 30 days - that is a sudden loss. That time goes so quickly and was likely spent thinking only about "what can be done" that there's truly no time to plan or anticipate how you're going to feel. There is nothing that can prepare us for the finality of loss, and the loss of a parent is very significant. It may manifest itself in many ways, and feeling especially anxious is not uncommon.
    There are people here who truly understand this, and I hope by sharing and connecting, you'll find some of the support and comfort you need. If you have any further questions about the site, please let me know. We're here to help~
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