I so wish. . .

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    I so wish Sofia told me what
    was hurting her last fall.
    It had to be some sort of
    depression. Sofia was on the
    quiet side.

    I have to feell it was the
    month or more of lonely
    nights with me in the ICU
    for a throat surgery that
    almost took me out for
    good when my heart
    stopped for a bit.

    Sofia's cat LizzyBOO was
    not doing well at all and
    was really hurting. Her vet
    said Lizzy was really in a
    bad way so she had to take
    care of a very sad situation.

    So she was very lonely and
    I know it was hard for her to
    get to see me but she did,
    just about every day.

    I do think my dearness had
    A sort of emotional crisis, I
    could not get out of the hos-
    pital till my throat was better.

    Sofia, thank you ever so
    much for being a great
    friend, for everything,
    for wanting me as your
    husbsnd. You will always
    have a warm and cozy
    place in my ❤.