I just miss my daughter!

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    Hi, my name is Shawna. On 09/10/18 I lost my 15 year old daughter to a hit and run. She was crossing the street to catch her bus for school. She was hit 2 times, the first knocked her down the second running over her as she lay injured. I can't get over the pain, the fear she must have felt. Her last words I was told were call my mom, and unfortunately I couldn't make it in time. The 2nd driver, the one that ultimately killed her drive off, left her in the middle of the street and they are still out there. I fell like the cops aren't even trying. She was my youngest, and my only daughter. I'm so angry, why her? Why are we losing our children? Why don't people care?
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    So sorry for the loss of your young daughter and that the guilty driver is still out there. I cannot understand how people can be so mean and and heartless that they are able to drive away without any remorse. I pray that he is found and be put in jail so that you can get some closure. I wish I had an answer as to why some people do not care .... I do not know how they can live with themselves.
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    I tire of the words "so sorry for your loss", I want a better way to tell someone like you , Gabby's Mom, that the punch in the stomach, vacant gut, loss of breath feeling you must have constantly is not healed with a sorry for your loss quote but I know its used often and those who do, use it due to familiarity. The playback you do in your mind, over and over and over, and knowing it will not change the outcome. But you are not alone in that feeling ok for a while and then suddenly can't even remember what you were doing as grief sweeps over you.
    I am a new gramma, who lost her at 4 months, and its only 2 days from 2 months, and it feels like it just happened. I also had the experience of "we are trying to identify your daughter" after a car accident, that she was in the hospital but the idiot cop used the WRONG words.. but you had the worst outcome of a similar experience. I feel you. I can feel the anger of injustice, but that person knows. And the thing is they didn't do it on purpose, they didn't see, didn't know, but they have to carry that burden, they do as I type this. If they read this, they know. If you put up a billboard, a flyer, they know. It will fester in them, and they will face their karma. I will not tell you what to do, but to dwell on someone who didn't intentionally hit her, but are afraid, because now they know what it led to if it was on the news. I hate to see you focus on this. I find myself doing the same with my granddaughter, and yes its easy to say "I would do this or that" instead, but yet not take my own advice. Well I will check back here again to see if you got this.
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