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  1. My father passed away from cancer 6 years ago. I bottled up so much of that time that I feel like its to late for me to even process it anymore. I've made myself numb to the situation and I don't know how to go back. I have random flash backs that I do remember and its getting harder for me to redirect myself away from it. How do i grieve something that happened so long ago?
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    Grief takes its own time, you cannot control when it hits you...it come and goes it ebbs and flows. When we try to bury it, it comes back when we least expect it. Allow yourself to feel. tTake it one step at a time. It doesn't matter when you reach out. The act of reaching out is critical to healing. To know you are not alone in this journey is important. This is a good place for finding others who understand. Feel free to talk to me via this forum anytime.
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  3. Thank you for saying that and for answering me. I've never joined a support group about this before now and it does give me comfort knowing that there are others that understand me. My friends try and so does my bf but the few times i mention it (which is only if I'm ready to explode) they try to change the subject to cheer me up. They mean well but it doesn't help. I want to remember him, I want to talk about him. I'm sick of pretending its not real.