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Helpful Ted Talk

Discussion in 'Finding it Difficult to Move Foward' started by Beth M, May 18, 2019.

  1. Beth M

    Beth M Member

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  2. Seneca

    Seneca New Member

  3. Seneca

    Seneca New Member

    Thank you for linking the full TED Talk. I had seen an excerpt of it, but her full message was wonderful to hear. Thank you again.
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  4. diana harvey

    diana harvey New Member

    Seneca, I saw McInenry on Ted Talks, too. That powerful episode shored me up for a bit. Also, Jason B. Rosenthal, The Journey through Grief and Loss. These two are the most recent talks that I found very helpful. There's so much on Ted Talks and You Tube on the topic of grief.
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  5. SeekingHope

    SeekingHope Member

    Hello there,
    Not an hour ago, I searched youtube for grief videos and came across this same video.
    Her perspective on "moving on" was very interesting-- That instead, we move along with the person we lost was very insightful.
    I am having an extremely challenging time with the loss of my mother. Lately, I believe I have been finding distractions to keep me from feeling the complex emotions of this loss. When Nora introduced herself and shared the triple loss within such a short time, I wondered how I could have handled all of that. I am kind of scattered right now in thought, though I really think that I need to just cry some more when I meet with my counselor. Instead, today I decided to go to PRADA to see if they had any deals. A good thing that the shoe that I wanted was not in my size--I saved over $400 for that. The distractions are only temporary, as when I come out of the distraction it's the overwhelming sadness that I have to face. I need support with this.
  6. TDHawk

    TDHawk Member

    I found this Ted Talk very encouraging, as well. Thank you fir reminding me about it. Now that i am in quarantine w my elderly mother, who hates that she needs my help and wishes my sister was here instead of me (my sister who died many years ago ) and is not a kind woman , I feel like Im going thru the deep grief all over again. Sold my step mom and my dad's house, but then was here visiting her and then the virus lock down. I miss my dad and step mom and sis and 3 of my best friends, all who have died withing the last couple of years, except for my sis (who was a mom to me when we were growing up because if the way my mither was..is). I have days like it just happened. That cant be good