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    It has been one week today since my mom passed away. This is the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. She suffered with a long illness and the pain and state she was in before she died was almost unbearable. And knowing that I wanted her free from it and yet I selfishly want her back. I have one sibling and he is with his wife and they are going through on grief, but I live alone and the nights are tough and I don’t know how to feel or what to do. I feel like I lost my other half.
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    Sorry for the loss of your mom. I too lost my mom two months ago tomorrow. I do know exactly how you feel. I find this site helpful to just write what I am feeling at the present time. We have to keep living as I am sure that is what our mothers would want. My mom was crying out in lots of pain also and I must admit I am relieved that she is no longer in pain. I didn't want her to go yet but she slipped away. Lord Have Mercy. It was their appointed times. Thank God they were our mothers who loved us dearly. Be encouraged. ❤️
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    Im sorry I know exactly how u feel.
    I just lost my mom as well
    I lost my brother at age 29 from motorcycles accident Aug 4 2017 and recently my mother at age 53 June 6 2020 From Stroke. I have 15 yr old sister who I now care for with my sons and my dad who’s had 2 strokes after the passing of my brother.I picked up my others ashes recently and I keep feeling butterflies in my stomach pain in my back shoulder and chest .. And I feel so overwhelmed.. My older brother hasn’t helped me with a thing.. I have to now find a bigger house to rent So that I can’t keep eyes one things but I have to get the deposit that’s another issue.. It’s hard to talk to my fiancé because he doesn’t know how it feels to loose someone..I’m only 34 and I know this is a hard year for most but am I having anxiety attacks cause sometimes I feel like I can’t catch my breath.
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    OMG that's a lot to deal with. Is there anyone else in the family who could possibly help you? Have you asked your brother and told him the situation. I just don't know? It's bad enough that you are dealing with the grief from your mother's death which can be overwhelming in itself. It's two months for me on today. One day at a time and you will be able to cope more and more. I pray a lot and ask God for strength. It helps me. You have to take care of yourself first or u won't be able to help the others. Maybe you should see a doctor to check out the chest pains, anxiety, etc. Take a break and focus on you. My heart goes out to you. I pray that God will make a way for you, give you what you need in the name of Jesus! Be encouraged.