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encouraging words from a friend....

Discussion in 'Loss of Spouse' started by susan beaulieu, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. susan beaulieu

    susan beaulieu Active Member

    .... when i was feeling over whelmed by tasks.
    he wrote:
    "youll be fine susan i remember,not so long ago, that you'had no purpose'...well now you have a seemingly- endless list to get thu and you will....
    i know you can"
    "ill always maitain that scotts passing saved your life.As little as i know, the one thing scott did was love you unconditionally.
    you did good and your kids bear this out"
    These words may sound harsh to some ears however in my case they are true and comforting. i am more resilient than i know,And scott did save my life,,even when i didnt think so at the time.
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  2. susan beaulieu

    susan beaulieu Active Member

    i wish i could edit after posting....i meant to say that scott was always here to save me..he saved me more than once more than twice more than three times...he loved me unconditionally for sure & was always there with his arms wide open..i cant possibly doubt that saved me once again.i have to agree with that.i miss him so much my one love & my very best friend.
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