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Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Loss of a Parent' started by LucyDevon, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. LucyDevon

    LucyDevon New Member

    Looking for some advice please.

    Just over two months ago my partner lost his Mum suddenly. His Dad was devastated after losing his wife of 40 years and we’ve been supporting his Dad throughout.

    None of us have experienced grief or guiding someone through such intense grief in the past, which of course we’re extremely lucky for, however it does make it hard for us to know what to do and how to support Dad with this type of grief.

    Currently, his Dad is staying with us each weekend with us dropping by his house during the week alongside my sister in law also supporting him during the week.

    This week he’s really struggled with loneliness and we feel very upset as we’re supporting him as much as we can.

    Any advice or similar stories would be greatly appreciated.
  2. To lose such an integral part of your being is awful. I am sorry for the loss of your partner's mom and the shared grief. I think you are wonderful for including him and caring about his grief. Personally, socializing, group hobbies/activities and an open-forum to speak how I'm feeling has helped. I have leaned heavily on therapy, support groups, and friends. I would suggesting giving something to look forward to - whether an activity or vacation, just something to steal focus away from such a negative mindset. Take care and be patient with yourself.