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2 siblings killed themselves the same way

Discussion in 'Suicide Loss' started by Sad and sadder, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. Sad and sadder

    Sad and sadder New Member

    Sorry everyone, I am new here and cant find out how to do a profile. My beloved sister hanged herself in 1985. She was in a secure hospital that I had agreed to section her to as I was so concerned about her. I trusted them to keep her safe. Every time I visited her they followed us everywhere, even to the loo, I trusted them to keep her safe. Wrong - she hanged herself and I miss her every day more than ever. In the meantime I have cared for to end of life for my mum in law, my dad, my stepdad and my mum. My brother recently killed himself by hanging in January 2020. My partner died very suddenly in April 2020. Due to Covid lockdown I have not been able to see anyone, not had a hug or any contact with anyone. I foster animals for a charity and am able to work from home now so I just try to keep busy. I do feel so sad and so alone.
  2. Mellartime

    Mellartime New Member

    You’ve dealt with so much. Have you looked at getting support for yourself? I am starting counseling on Monday after years of thinking I can deal with things on my own. Going through this during covid has made everything much harder. Like you I lost a family member recently. None of our family from across the country could come here to be a support and the ones that are here weren’t much support at all. Reaching out online is a great step, online support groups have been a lifeline for me, seeing that others have gone through the same and have advice or just a shoulder to offer. I wish you well, and I hope you see each day ahead as a new day. I’m trying to. Hugs to you.