Grief Coaching

Loss is a very painful experience that brings with it enormous stress and challenges. It's also one of the most common human experiences we can endure. Despite this, there is little understanding for the grieving and some may find they need more support as they try to heal. Grief is not a mental illness and should not be treated like a disorder.

Who can benefit from grief coaching?

Anyone who has sustained a loss. Anyone who feels isolated and lonely and unsure of what to do next. Anyone who is lacking motivation or struggling to cope with the residual issues that can be left in the wake of loss. Whether it's a recent loss, or something that happened many years ago...whether trying to cope with an individual loss or several losses at once, the individual support offered through grief coaching can help a griever navigate this very long and difficult journey.

Grief coaching is not the same as counseling.

In fact, it can be much much more. The purpose is to provide practical and tangible tools for a griever to use. Grief coaching is a partnership, and we will work together every step of the way to make this a process of healing and growth. Nothing can change the circumstances of loss. There is nothing anyone can do or say to fix, change or erase a terrible loss. Grief coaching begins with the full acknowledgement of this, and aims to help a griever adjust and rebuild as they move forward to what comes next.

Wondering if this is right for you?

Send me an email and we can arrange a free consultation. It will give us an opportunity to connect and for you to learn more about all the ways a grief coach can help.

Sessions happen on your schedule, and because they are done over the phone or via video chat, it's something you can do without ever having to leave home.

My name is Karyn Arnold. I am the creator and sole administrator of I have been working in the field of grief and loss for over 15 years. I spend all day, every day, working with grievers just like you. When people talk to me about my job, they ask how I can work in an environment filled with loss and sadness. My response is always the same. There is no better way to witness the resilience of human spirit than to watch as a griever emerges and grows from the rubble of traumatic loss. And there is no greater honor than to be the person who gets to walk this journey with you. Send me an email to learn more today:

Individual coaching is scheduled for phone or video chat conferences, and will allow a griever to focus on their specific needs and challenges. Each session is 1 hour long.


And please remember, once you schedule a consultation or coaching session, that space is being held for you. I understand that circumstances and schedules change, and that sometimes your availability may change along with it. I simply ask that if you are no longer able to participate in a phone call, that you text me an update AT LEAST 2 hours before your scheduled time. I can be reached at 424-265-1818. Thank you!

Nov 20, 2018
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