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  1. griefic

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    As we continue to grow and evolve, we're also looking to expand and offer more services.
    While we have some ideas of what that may be:
    • opportunities for video group chats
    • individual support sessions
    • grief workshop offerings
    We want to hear from YOU and find out what would be most supportive to you as you're grieving.
    Please write in your thoughts or suggestions below!
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  2. Ann Mckay

    Ann Mckay Member

    I hope connecting with others that are going through th same kind of pain.
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  3. Sheila512

    Sheila512 Well-Known Member

    I want someone to reassure me that my life will have some purpose again. I KNOW it is up to me but I don't really care about much anymore. I am taking anti-depressant meds and have been for years so that is not the answer. When I tell my doc he wants to up the meds. NOT. Everytime I attend in person support groups I wind up even more depressed so I am hoping this will help

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  4. griefic

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    Hi Sheila, thanks for being here. I think it's important to recognize that you've identified what so many grievers are lacking after loss: purpose. While most of us think life is about the pursuit of happiness, I believe it's more a search for purpose. Only on the other side of that can we find peace and contentment. So where does this purpose come from? It's different for everyone and as you said, it's up to the individual. I know for most, though, it takes a lot of soul searching and a lot of trial and error. Most of all it takes a willingness to never give up. Being here and reaching out is such a positive sign and I'm so glad to have you here with us. I hope you can find some help and support as you figure out what comes next...Please take care~
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  5. Lidia Evangelista

    Lidia Evangelista New Member

    I think video group chats would be a great way to connect with others throughout the states. I also think individual sessions would be great, too. Sharing our stories and spreading the light will hopefully give hope to others that they are not alone and there are no right and wrong ways to grieve.
  6. Lidia Evangelista

    Lidia Evangelista New Member

    Hi Sheila, I understand the grief and pain may be clouding what's next for you and how to find your purpose. I acknowledge you for recognize that it's up to you to find that purpose, but you don't have to do it alone. You are doing your best especially attending the support groups. I understand you end up feeling more depressed after the groups, but I am sure it's just bringing up all those emotions and thoughts that are difficult to be with. I hope this message finds you well, and please reach out whenever you need support. I acknowledge you for taking it one step at a time and day by day. Take care.
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  7. Stacia

    Stacia Member

    I really like the idea of a video group chat. I came onto this site because I have lost almost all of the support people in my life. Friends have disappeared family members don’t understand because they lost their niece and they think that the grief that they are feeling must be the same as mine even though I lost my daughter. For a long time I just went through day after day and kind of a “darkness” or a “cloud” and recently I’ve been feeling like I want to find purpose again to maybe try to start to climb up out of the Mire and make some sort of life with what’s left. That’s when I really realized I have no support people in my life. I think being able to see people and talk to them live would really help me feel like I have some support.
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  8. Megan B

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    Finding others in my age range with similar experiences. I seem to have the same experiences as 50-80 year olds and I am 25. I don't mind sharing my experience with older individuals but when I hear any type of "support" it is out of touch with how I am experiencing life in my stage of life. Having the loss of a certain person in different stages of life would be nice to have someone similar to talk to about. Having only people outside of my age range makes me feel more alone.
  9. griefic

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    Stacia, thank you for your input! The video group chats are in the works, and we should have details coming on that very soon. I will keep you posted and be sure to make mention of it here. In the meanwhile I hope you can find some good support and connections through our forums. We're so glad to have you here!
  10. Sils

    Sils New Member

    Video group chat and individual sessions would be great.
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  11. San

    San Member

    You're not alone. I don't usually care much anymore and I too have a history of depression with meds. What helps me is when I can find someone else who's going through the same thing that I feel and taking with that person so that I know I'm not alone and not crazy and what I'm going through is what so many other people are feeling. Feel free to contact me.
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  12. paul tinker

    paul tinker Well-Known Member

    Purpose is good and I am glad this was brought up. Yes giving your mind and emotions new ground to walk on has merit. Part of my process was going to a natural path. My goals were get back vitality, quit smoking and back up the rage . They had a quit smoking protocol. I did not react well . Even though I could see the logic of the psychology built into the program. At some point I quit. The real issue was rage. that had to be addressed first because an angry person can not slow down to do protocols. Later when reading was somewhat back on line a book came to my world. Healthy Healing main point was make endorphins your new drug of choice. I love the women who wrote it because she walked the walk. Any way I do make a lot of effort to exercise and have some input in my own brain chemistry. The sale of the idea was the pain and circumstances are still there but you can lessen the intensity.
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  13. Cindy10

    Cindy10 Member

    This suggestion might not be too popular among many (if any) others, but I think having personal blogs here, where you can just write what you feel and write to the loved one you're grieving for could be helpful. I think I would actually like that a lot.
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  14. griefic

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  15. BarbG

    BarbG Member

    Grief workshop topics sound like they may be beneficial. I agree with finding one's purpose after the loss of a spouse, too. It's a challenging ordeal!
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  16. griefic

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    Thank you Barb! In fact, we have a program in the works that we'll be introducing soon. Are there topics you would like to learn more about or have opportunities to discuss?
  17. BarbG

    BarbG Member

    For me, it's how to move forward. I lost my husband to Alzheimer's in August 2015, my brother in June 2016 and a good friend who had been one of my late husband's caregivers in January 2017. I have kept busy with work, two dogs and upgrading the house. However, I'm going on 4 years since Paul passed away and I miss him more than ever. As I look towards retirement, I'm fearful of what I will do to keep busy and what my purpose will be.
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  18. griefic

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    Thank you Barb - you're not alone. I hear this from grievers so much of the time. This is definitely something we'll be addressing on a larger scale with our programs that will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, I do have an article I've written that addresses this in some way, I hope it can be a help: https://www.griefincommon.com/blog/finding-purpose-loss/.
    Thanks for your contributions and please keep in touch!
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  19. I like the idea of grief workshop offerings. I've been searching for grief support groups in my area but there doesn't seem to be any, then I found this site and it has helped me immensely to hear from others that are going through what I am feeling and knowing that I'm not alone in what I am going through. thank you for this site and to everyone that has joined, we are here for each other.
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  20. griefic

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    Hi Rosaria, thank you so much for being here, for your suggestions, and for your kind words. In fact we are working on workshops and should have more information about that in the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, I'm so glad you are finding support and hope you continue to find comfort here. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to let us know. Take care~