Turn Tidal Waves To Smaller Waves

Discussion in 'Dealing With Multiple Losses' started by TomT, Sep 5, 2020.

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    I experienced multiple losses over several years including both parents, two uncles, two brothers-in-law, a tennis buddy, & a very special beloved pet. I am just starting to allow myself to grieve over these losses & to acknowledge feelings that have been avoided/suppressed for years in some cases.

    I am learning slowly to take one feeling at a time instead of bombarding myself with an intense a tidal wave of emotions. My anxiety is becoming more manageable on most days, but the biggest challenge is to try to work through the loneliness & isolation, despite having caring & compassionate friends & family. I believe talking to others who have been through or who are going through this will help me feel less afraid & helpless over time. I hope this group helps me achieve that goal.
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    Tom, sorry to hear of your multiple losses. I do like your advice of working through one feeling at a time. You're feelings are universal, most common is the loneliness and isolation. As you, I'm fortunate to have good friends and some family to call upon, however I've said this in another thread, we're longing the person or in your case people and beloved pet that you've lost. Others can offer support but can't fill that space. I try to remain positive even during the worst moments, as humans we seek happiness.

    You're not alone.
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