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    I wish I had the answer for you broke it is not very easy I have a huge family support my husband my children my grandchildren and I still feel alone but I'm taking one day at a time that's all I can do I'm doing a little better now that I'm on antidepressants at least I'm getting out of bed but I still have bad days
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    Who did you lose ?
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    I lost my Nephew to murder in 2014 he was only 31 and left behind 5 children and then My Son-in-law died of cancer on Christmas day 2015 and he left behind a wife and 4 children
  5. Widow4/25/18

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    I'm so sorry my preemie died in 06 and my husband died 4/25/18 2 kids left
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    I am in the same boat: partner died 2 months ago, parents and sister died, no children, no close relatives. My solution? After grieving, find another partner. I did this 18 years ago when I was in the same situation, first partner died and no family. I have found out the hard way that it is easy to wallow in grief. But it is important to love again. You will always have your lost ones because they live in your memories.
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    I lost my ex in November 2017. We had been broken up for a while but remained friends...he overdosed. I had worried that would happen after discovering his drug use, and it was what caused our breakup. Back in November I received a phone call in the middle of the night telling me that he had died on a sidewalk alone. It broke my heart. But since we had broken up two years before it was easier to get through that loss. I had reconnected with my first love right outside of high school 2 years ago, his name was Brent, and he was everything I could ever have wanted in a relationship at this time in my life. He lived his life the right way made all the right choices treated me wonderful in the last two years of my life have been amazing. On June 16th 2018 I lost my most precious companion in this world my dog. She had been through everything I've suffered over the last 10 years and stood right by my side, but she got cancer and after battling that for 2 years and two surgeries I finally had to have her put to sleep. Then 5 weeks later on July 27th 2018 the wonderful man that it come in my life that I had loved when I was a young girl Brent suddenly died of an aneurysm. So in the last 8 months I've lost three of the people that held me down in this world that made me feel safe and loved. I truly don't know how to move forward. I find it hard to get out of bed. Nothing gives me joy anymore. I'm so alone and so lost and I wonder how this could really be happening? I don't want to go on antidepressants have taken them years ago and I hated it I don't want to be tied to anything that I have to have in order to function. I just need some advice on how to feel like my life is not over at 50 years old. Any help with this would be so appreciated
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    You share my experience. Loss my fiance suddenly Nov 2017, had to put my best friend dog down in March 2018. A little prematurely which made matters worse..lost my job June 2018. And since then I have been alone day and night. Just when I thought I can do this. Bam! I'm down again. We must support each other . Get up and live. We have no choice I suppose. So let's just do it one day at a time. At least we have each other.
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    Thank you for reaching out. It helps to hear from someone that truly understands. I would love to hear more about your story and struggles with this.
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    I have also lost the love of my life....My heart and soul died the day I lost him....I lost him as I was taking him to the hospital and I had to pull over because his head kept flopping around...When I reached over to let his seat back he grabbed my arm looked me in the eye and said i love you baby.....He never took another breath after that....It has been 6 months today and the pain I fill in my heart is so unbearable that it hurts to breath...The only advice I can give you on this is to keep pushing and making yourself get up and do things...Go to stores and just walk around...Go to places you always went but take your time and walk instead of hurrying to rush back home....I have found it is easier to just remember the good times but I also never forget the bad ones...That is what made the man I loved and lived with for 39 years...I am so sorry for your loss and will keep you in my prayers
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    Thank you for your advice. I will try. You are in my heart as well and prayers. I'm so sorry for what you suffering too. I am truly amazed how much it helps to not feel so alone in this. When it happens you think no one can understand, now I know others do understand. Thank you
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