The Loves of My Life!

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    Hi, my name is Bonnie and I want to tell you a story of my life that I feel that I should no longer explore The year 2001 I lost my first husband Lee, the following year 2002 I lost my father. For a long time I was by myself had just about given up on men all together until I met my husband on line and I mean he was amazing Mike and I had instant connection we feel in love and got married August 30,2014, well Mike found out he had cancer January at that tome I was going to nursing school but I took a leave of absence and was with my husband for every appointment, every treatment and was with him in the hospital with days at end brought him home to where he wanted to be until May , 16, 2016 the day he passed, I was devastated months went passed and I again made a connection on another site and his name was Kevin another amazing man I never thought I would ever truly love again like I loved Mike and I did he was my yang we separated for a year but found our way back and the time a part allowed us to realize the love we had for each other, one day Kevin said I want to spend the rest of my life with you and we started looking for a new home and we found a home in Dryden Michigan on Saturday, Sunday was mother day I took him a dinner and Monday after work I went to see him and we made love and had awesome time, Tuesday I talk with Kevin at 7:20am that morning, he texted me around 3:40pm that he was still working and I texted back “me too” so once I finished I went to market near his house and at 4:50 Kevin called into my phone but I was on the line with my mom so I didn’t answer because I was just minutes away, got there, his friend was in the garage working and I went upstairs where he was working only to find him unresponsive Kevin passed May 12, 2020, four years, four days from when my husband passed I am afraid to love anymore

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    So sorry for your losses, I wish you peace and hope you find the best path to take.
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    I am so sorry for all the losses you’ve been through. You’re story is hard to read, I feel so bad for you. You’ve suffered through so much.
    It is hard to keep moving forward after any loss. Your loss is pretty resent, I understand your thinking. I can’t do this any more I’m afraid to love. That decision will happen naturally, along the way.
    I lost my husband to a sudden and massive heart attack. Lost him in 2 hours, I went into shock. I couldn’t eat, sleep, think, nothing. And I have the thought of never again, I can’t even think of that actually. We were together 44 years, married 41 years. I was 16 he was 19 when we met. Owned and ran a business together, and we were preparing for retirement this year.
    I believe you will find help using this site, it has helped me immensely. Everyone on here knows the pain and understands the loneliness. Visit this site often and continue to share and read stories.
    All the best!
    Sending hugs! Robin