Struggling to accept my friend is gone.

Discussion in 'Finding it Difficult to Move Foward' started by Jane33, May 31, 2019.

  1. Jane33

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    9 months ago my friend passed away while holding my hand. She fought breast cancer for nearly 6 years. I am so I credibly privileged to have been there at the end to help support her transition over, but my heart is not just broken but absolutely smashed to pieces. I miss her so much. I keep waiting for her name to come up on my phone or social media, but alas I will never see it again. I ring her phone all the time because it means I can still hear her beautiful voice. I need her back, it should never have been her. When I wake up each morning I cannot breathe,it's a nightmare uni can't wake up from.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss, I have a simple "have a nice day" message from my best friend on my phone. I dread the day I have to get a new phone! Good you were there for your friend, hard, yes. Important, yes.
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  3. Jane33

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    Thank you. I relish in my messages on my phone and social media. You can transfer messages to new phone, you just need the smart switch app.

    I still call her mobile just to hear her voicemail. Just heading her beautiful voice e both makes my day and shatters it.

    I keep waiting to see her texts or hear her laugh, or knock at my door. I just can't picture world going on without her. It's like she has gone on a long holiday and yet to return.
  4. Rose 23

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    Thank you for that advice on keeping his message for my forever.

    I hope find peace, time fly’s by faster than you think, so what do we do, live in the day and remember how precious life is, live in the day, believe in magic. I know it sounds
    corny but there is a pulse in the universe that says there is more to life than just this so cry when you feel to because that means you have a heart,
    laugh when you want to because you think it’s funny, be you with all
    the weaknesses & faults.
    We have only do many moments in life, make the most of them.
    Smile today even if it's a forced smile, one day your smile will be genuine once again.
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    I also lost one of my best friends, to a more sudden death back in April. He played a major role in my current friend group. He was only 20, the same age me, and had so much going for him. I was literally on my way home from school when I received that devastating call from our mutual friend. I'm currently at the acceptance stage but he still crosses my mind everyday. I also relish in our memories on social media and go back and re read texts constantly.

    I've found distracting myself and running every morning has been beneficial for me. I hope you find peace and comfort, sending many prayers your way