So much loss

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    I have lost my grandma, an aunt and a cousin (my aunts daughter) since january. All of them have been sudden and I am having an extremely hard time coping or trying to talk to anyone other than my boyfriend. But, my boyfriend is not great at comforting me and I think he is over me not being happy and doesn’t know how to handle me. I feel so alone and feel like no one knows what I’m going through regardless of my family all going through it. I still go to my grandmas house, thinking she will suddenly be there, I still think I’ll get texts or want to text news to my cousin, I feel there presence gone all the time.
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    I am so sorry Marissa. They are large losses. Everyone here understands what you are going through. There is no timeframe for when you will start to feel better, but I think you could still talk to them and let them know you miss them but know they want you to go on and live your life. One step at a time.
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    I found in my hardest waves of grief, it helped when I wrote down my thoughts and feelings on paper. It doesn't have to be written in a formal, poetic way - even just jotting down a few words in my terrible handwriting helped me a lot when I felt alone with no one to connect with. Sometimes I wrote messages to my loved one who passed away on little scraps of paper, folded them up and placed them in a secret little box. I still have them 4 years later. I believe it helped me chip away and release some of the anguish I was having. What the lovely soul said in the post above said about talking to your passed loved ones is also very true and still helps me to this day.