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Discussion in 'Dealing With Multiple Losses' started by GriefMaster, Dec 3, 2016.

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    Yep. I am the multiple loss person. This is why I chose the name Grief Master. At this point in my life, I tell people I have a masters degree in grief. The only thing I have not lost is my spouse. I hope I go first. It's only fair. :p
    I still try to keep my head up, and i am encouraged daily by my faith and what I am thankful for.
    My latest lost was my beloved brother who passed away suddenly at 43 years old. It just happened a year ago. We were so close. I am mad that I have to go thru the valley of grief again when things were going so great. No one wants to be in the valley and it seems all of us look for so many ways to get out of there but no matter what we do, we are stuck here. So, at this point, I have accepted it. I have accepted this valley placed where I am suppose to be. I am going to walk around and look and try to find some flowers, some grass, maybe some food in this valley instead of trying to climb out of it so quickly. Maybe I will find something interesting. I think the hardest thing about grief is waiting for God to give you the understanding or acceptance or reasonings of why our loved ones had to go when they did.
    He gave me reasons for my parents and my daughter. I am still waiting for my brother.
    *Sigh* I want personal answers from HIM, not anyone else.

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    You have an amazing attitude. My eyes are misting up. You are dealing so well with the difficulties in your life.
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    Dear Grief master, I can relate to that name because my mother passed 4 years ago along with my daughter 2 years ago, and then my husband 7 months ago. I to am wondering why so much loss. As believers, we view the valley has being difficult times, which they are, but I heard something recently on the radio that said "Do you know on the mountain top there is no vegetation, but in the Valley their is water and lush growth. That clicked with me because during difficult times I seek God more - closeness and comfort from Him. I know he is molding and shaping me to grow to become more like Him during these difficult times. It is during those difficult times I feel His loving hugs around me through family, friends and nature. May God's peace grow in your heart and you learn your answers. Take Care