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    On August 1st, 2021 I lost my son at 21 weeks pregnant. I randomly went into labor, which they have no explanation as to why, they are just stating I didn’t do anything wrong. I ended up giving birth to him on August 1st. He was alive for one hour before he passed away. He was totally fine too. The doctors said he was healthy and had no complications even while I was pregnant he had a good heartbeat and everything. He’s my firstborn and it’s really hard. I’m just happy I got to hold him and spend that hour with him but it hurts, I wish we had answers and not just unknowns.
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  2. Hi there,
    I am so sorry for your loss. It is truly crushing to hear about. I lost my newborn son Percy at 3 days old. I birthed him and he was small but healthy. When we voiced our concerns on his second night (he missed a feed) we were assured that he was doing okay...long story short, we did not get to hospital in time and he died on his third day. I have been broken by this. If you need someone to chat to I am in Australia but around and often up late at night.

    I have also lost my Mum to pancreatic cancer (2018), my bandmate to suicide (2021), my cat and father-in-law (2020). Life is so hard sometimes.

    You're not alone in this pain. x
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    May God bless you and strengthen you dear Momma. How very heartbreaking to have lost this little one. My heart goes out to you and grieves with you. Surely nothing hurts worse than this. My counselor told me we do not always get answers when I told him I was not mad at God, but just wondered why He allowed things to happen in this manner. We lost our 28 year old son to suicide. My counselor would always pray with me right then when I had a question or need, but he said we do not always get an answer. However, as we prayed God brought to my remembrance how when Jesus was just about to go to be crucified how he said if it were possible to let this cup of suffering pass from him, but also said he wanted not his will, but the Father's will. So even Jesus wished there could have been another way to accomplish this than to go through that terrible suffering he had to endure. That was my answer. Even Jesus wished it could have been done a different way. That gave me peace. I knew my son was so troubled that at the same time I was praying for his healing, he was praying just to get out of this world of suffering to get to the One he knew was the Prince of Peace. Theg re are unknowns and unanswered questions in this life, but God has given us the assurance of His word that he has another age prepared for us in which there will be no more suffering and that he will dry all of our tears. We must trust in this God of love who always wants the best for us.
    I only know that if you will let this tragedy draw you closer to God, you will again see that precious little baby of yours. And in the meantime you can receive strength and comfort from a God who understand the pain of grief. Jesus even cried over the death of his friend, Lazarus, even though he knew he was going to raise him from the dead later. Great love can cause great pain when we are separated temporarily from the one we love so much.
    Hang on, take good care of yourself, and be patient and kind to yourself. God will help you through the hurt.