My second Son lost

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what should I do

  1. Call Nancy Grace

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  2. Let it go

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    Lost my second son Sept 30 2019. My first son, he was the father to a nation wide story. The daddy to a two yr old child. He died, 2007. These deaths, my family loss is all connected to murder and yet the one doing it makes it appear like an accident. I've literally been living a nightmare for years. So much to tell, almost dont know where to begin. Ive reported all I know and yet no one seems to do anything. When I do speak up, someone else connected to this mess gets killed. My husband nearly lost his life to a bike accident on our 24th anniversary. He claims this man tried to kill him. This man took blame for the accident but didnt report it exactly the way it happened because if he did, it clearly would show intent to kill. 21 broken bones, could have been a lot worse. My first som was killed 2007. Listed as car accident, later investigated for murder by request of the state. Dropped because no one would talk. What does that say?? Second son, overdose. Enough to kill 10 people. Had my son not died the year before I would have never learned the history. Definitely a target. Once my son realized he was a target, he changed his entire life. Changed jobs, beat the addiction, was a year entirely clean. Even told me if he ever died that way to have it investigated because he would never do it willingly. Tox screen proved he was not doing it prior. and now he is gone. I am simply beside myself. My last son who is still with me, thank God, is now in a bad situation entirely and his life appears threatened. Last year I lost my father, my brother, my son in a 5 month period. My father and brother are not connected to this murder story. But my second son is. I cant take anymore at all. I now will try and call Nancy Grace. I know she could help me. Its all I have left to do. If I leave unattended I know they will be back to take him out and finish the job like they did with my second son. So, why are they doing this?? Took quite the time for me to figure it out myself. But I did. I find all of this just so overwhelming to get through. Will I even survive. Wished they took me out instead. Thanks for any support. Thanks for letting me get this off of my chest.