Multiple losses in a short time are difficult to process

Discussion in 'Dealing With Multiple Losses' started by nurseshelly, Oct 12, 2023.

  1. nurseshelly

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    I lost my sister in Sept 2019. Then in 2020, I lost my Dad, then 6 months later, my mother-in-law. In 2021 I lost my husband. Now in 2023, I just lost my Mom in August.
    I didn't get to process my grief from one, and another passed...overand over. I am so confused, depressed, anxiety ridden
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  2. Chris M 2000

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    I am sorry to hear about your losses and sorry to hear about how many there were and how close together they were.
    No wonder you feel so confused, depressed, and anxiety ridden. This walk of grief will be one of the most difficult things you will have to do in your life. Nothing else will be as hard as this.
    You need something stable and the only thing I know that is stable is God. I hope you have a relationship with Him because He can be your companion and your strength. God can be trusted to always be there and He loves and cares about you. Pour out your pain, heartache, and confusion to Him and allow His peace to sweep over you.
    We are here for you. I am sorry no one saw your post to respond to it.
    Stay in touch with us. We care.
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    I just recently lost my momma on January 17th,2024 1 week shy of her 87th birthday and now today I had to have my beloved cat put down. My brother and his wife were down helping me go through some things.I know everybody reading this might think it is just an animal but he came into my life when I needed him and I know he needed my momma and me. Thanks for listening.
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    Hello Tammy, my condolences to you for the loss of your mother last month. We only have one mother/mom in life.
    If we're lucky enough to get a 'good' mom, we then know unconditional love exists - and we're not going to find that often in this life. Personally all of the animals I've had in my lifetime (> 40 pets) have been the only other form of unconditional love, for me. I've always told my friends and family that when my time comes to pass, I hope all of my pets are at those 'pearly gates' first, people later...lol

    My pet family members have meant more to me then some of my human family members.
    In the past four years I've lost three beautiful old girl kitties. My heart breaks every day when I see their paw print momentos.
    You're in my thoughts and prayers today. I understand what you're going through. Take it one day at a time. Let us know how you're doing.

    ~ Michael
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  5. Chris M 2000

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    I am sorry that you have had one loss on top of another. Animals are God's creation also and it is only natural that we would become attached to one whose love is unconditional, as Michael said.
    Blessings to you.
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  7. Chris M 2000

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    We are always here to listen and we understand your pain.
    Keep in touch with us and share your feelings without any concern for how someone might judge you. We are here not to judge but to support you.
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