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    I recently lost my Dad to cancer , my brother collasped and past away never got the chance to say goodbye, lost an uncle and boyfriends father all within months of each other.
    Its hard when you are dealing with one death in family bearly got through grieving than another death. I truly dont know how Im still holding on its been a rough 2 yrs and plus im somewhat still grieving for the loss of my mom and another brother who passed away years ago.
    Sometimes I feel like just giving up, than I think of my mom and she wouldnt want me too.
    I have a boyfriend who lost his father but hes not much of a support system to me, when he has not dealt with his loss.
    I guess I am just looking for someone to chat with that has gone through the same thing.
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    Hi Ali. I feel for you. I've lost both of my siblings. My sister died suddenly 20 years ago and when my brother passed 2 years ago, it seemed to rip open old wounds. I felt like I had to support my parents through the ordeal, and pretend it didn't affect me as much. Apart from losing the people who I was closest to, I found that the most people are pretty terrible when it comes to supporting someone who is grieving, which means I don't get much support at all. I really don't want to go to counselling. It costs so much and I feel like its just another band-aid solution. But I have no idea what to do....Wondering when the pain will ease. I am ok on the outside but just about every day I become overwhelmed with very intense emotions. The feelings pass quickly but it can be very disarming. My life right now is actually amazing. I am in good health, I have financial security, an amazing husband and wonderful children. But I often feel miserable despite my blessings. I'm terrified of losing what I have. I can be very difficult to live with. I think my next steps will be to look for some reading material on how to work through/live with multiple loss and complicated grief.