Mommy gone, and now Daddy

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    Hey everyone. My mom passed last year and was battling a hard case of multiple sclerosis since I was 10. She was the best mother. She was not perfect but man she was close. The type of parent to apologize when she's wrong and just had the sweetest smile, anyone who came into her presence she made a impact on. The following year, this year boom..my dad passes. Literally a month ago. Today is his bday. This is a different kind of pain. I never felt this vefore in my life. 32 year old orphan. I have 3 older siblings, thank God. We are pretty close. I'm so sad. So lost, so in shock. My dad was great to us, however we found out alot of things after he passed and it has me in the weirdest state of mind, I've ever been in. I just miss them so much. I know I need counseling, be apart of in person grief support groups, etc I just sometimes feel like what the hell am I going to do without them.
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    Hi sharrell92, I'm so sorry for the loss of both of your parents so close to each other. Sounds like each one of them was very special to you, in their own way. It is certainly hard to face being an orphan at 32. My parents also both passed young, mostly due to lifestyle habits they picked up in adolescence, like so many others. It's now been many years. From time to time I amuse myself as to how much like my parents I've become. Fortunately (so far, anyway...) that's been mostly beneficial. They each had their own contributions for making me a better person today.
    Now that I'm older I have a better feeling and understanding of their humanity. I too 'learned things' that I didn't want to know. Compassion and humility were my way out of judgment. They lived life on their own terms.

    Keep pacing yourself during this marathon dance of grief. We're here to listen.
    ~ Michael
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    Thank you so much Michael. Your words have touched me, I truky appreciate you so much. Sending you virtual hugs and condolences to you and your family. I'm sure your parents are so proud of you for helping someone else who has lost parents as well, get through. Thank you, continue to be a blessing God Bless you
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    Hi Sharerell,
    How are you managing? We understand how hard it is to love someone you love so much.
    Let us know how you are or if you have any questions you need answered and we will try to do our best to assist and support you.