Missing my baby brother

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    My babybrother was murdered August 18th of this year. They murderer is a childhood friend's hishusband. They have the man that killed him in jail. I'm trying really hard to keep moving but it is so hard. I only have one family member that I talk to on a regular and that is my mom. I can't verbally talk about what happened to my brother and I can't hear anyone or myself talk about it without losing control and shaking gaster than a jackhammer and crying uncontrollable and I can't even look to the future bc I don't see one with him. To wake up each day to have to be another day without him and walk the earth and live this life is extremely hard. I can't stand that with eachpassing day it's another daylonger without him. I trulydon't think I'm ever gonnafunction normally again.
  2. It’s hard losing someone especially at the hands of another human because you are so filled with anger but look at the bright side , the man who killed your baby brother is now locked away and will suffer for the rest of his life . Your brother can hear and see you but if you are grieving and crying it will only make it worse . Light a white candle and say a prayer your brother will see this and peacefully leave , he doesn’t want to see you suffering