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  1. Hi I had lost my wife on March 3, 2019. I am in the process making a memorial DVD of my wife life through all of her pictures that show who she was and what made her happy so that I can still share her memories like she is still with us. the only problem I'm having is that the programs to download only allows 50 to 75 pictures or video's. does anyone have any thoughts on a good program that would allow for 100+ my wife had made a lot of friends through the journey of her life and most don't have anything of her and I want to help them with their grieving plus it will possibly help with mine. thank you in advance.
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    Dwain, I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like a beautiful project, while never easy, there's a lot of healing to be found in doing a memorial to someone we love. I don't personally have recommendations but I know I often refer people to their local funeral homes. They are an amazing resource to people who have had a loss, and are usually more than happy to share whatever information they have. I hope that can be some help to you. We're glad to have you here, I hope the site can be a help to you. Please take care~
  3. Thank you I will look into that as a great start.
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