Lost my husband to fentanyl 11/11/20

Discussion in 'Loss from Substance Abuse' started by AngelSmith, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. AngelSmith

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    So now I am a 37 yr old widow.I don't know what to do with myself it's getting worse instead of better I feel like I'm loosing my mind .Covid an PTSD has me no longer working I felt trapped in this house nowhere to go no one to talk at all .
  2. AngelSmith

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    My husband passed from a fentanyl overdose 11/11/20 I found him it was completely unexpected I know someone out there can relate .
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    Hi my name is Vicki l lost my boyfriend of 10 yrs to an overdose of heroin l didn't even know he was using heroin l work 3rd shift at a hospital l would sleep during the day when l would come home in the morning he seemed fine until l found him 2 weeks ago June 3rd dead after l came home from work it was than that my neighbors who knew him told me about him using heroin crack ect he was my soulmate the love of my life he was not like this when l met him he had a huge heart he save lives of other people who overdosed he gave them narcan he was always taking care of people in my apartment complex making sure they had food even toilet paper always helping others he just couldn't help himself l feel your pain and hurt you feel robbed and like a knife is going through your heart just know you ate not a lone l will pray for you that God will all of us strength to get through this nightmare of loosing someone we love to addiction